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About Josh Long

I’ve worked directly with the “Who’s Who” of the marketing and sales world, including Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Dan Kennedy, and Perry Marshall.

Working with some of the biggest thinkers in the marketing and sales world accelerated my career as you can expect. It also showed me that brilliant strategy is worthless without brilliant implementation.

Over the past decade I’ve discovered that the most reliable source of massive profit growth in any business is to find and fix bottlenecks.

I wrote a book about it, called “Bottleneck Breakthrough”, and that’s a great place to dig in further if you want the whole-enchilada. I also have a podcast that goes over a lot of what’s in the book, too.

Since you’re here, you are probably more focused on the Scale Cycle Framework that I developed to help businesses figure out what’s missing to unlock sustainable growth.

I made a Masterclass on it that you can access it for free at the top of this page.